The pilot

The DEPLOI the HEAT consortium successfully tested the Directional Steel Shot Drilling (DSSD) technology of Canopus during a horizontal drilling pilot at the great site of Hagerbach Test Gallery (VersuchsStollen Hagerbach AG) in Switzerland. The pilot was done last June-July. Analysis of the bore hole logging and the performance data was completed in September.

The addition of less than 0.5% vol of 1 mm steel shot particles to the drilling mud increased the rate of penetration with up to an impressive factor three. While going into steering mode! Straight sections as well as three turns were drilled. Retrofitting the DSSD system with the horizontal drilling unit of Schenk AG Heldswil was easy and worked well. The hole cleaning was good and consistent with circulation tests previously conducted at the Rijswijk Centre for Sustainable Geo-energy. A total length of 250 m was drilled.

Conclusion: The DSSD technology is ready for building the first DSSD directional drilling service unit for 6 inch bore holes at >1 km vertical depth. A pilot for that unit is scheduled in a geothermal well in The Netherlands in 2024.